How does the new come into the world 


Who we are

The Institut für praktische Emergenz is a ThinkPlayDoTank around topics of
social change and organizational development as well as a partner for innovation, strategy and implementation.

What we do

​New ideas are not enough. They need good soil so they
can flourish - the greatest innovation will perish in a toxic environment. We
of the Institut für praktische Emergenz research what new ideas are already out there and at the same time prepare the ground by building decentralized networks, facilitating transformation processes and passing on our knowledge and experience in our trainings.

Why Emergence?

Emergence refers to the development of new structures, properties and states from the interaction of different actors, whereby what emerges has yet again entirely new properties - the whole is thus more than just the sum of its parts.

A little too abstract? This is how Nora Bateston explains emergence and here you'll find a little explainer video.

"We need emergence to cope with complexity. Emergence can't be controlled or managed, but we can foster the conditions for emergence, behave with integrity, and hope others will follow."

Tyson Yunkaporta (Sand Talk)

Learn with us

Ausbildungen, Seminare, Workshops, Vorträge und Moderationen

Wir zeigen in unseren Ausbildungen und Seminaren, wie man Emergenz zwar nicht steuern, dafür aber fördern kann, und wie man effektive und dezentrale Communities in Organisationen baut.
Als offizieller Partner der Inner Development Goals bieten wir Impuls-Workshops zu den IDGs.
Unsere Vortrags- uns Moderationsthemen reichen von Emergenz über den Bau effektiver Netzwerke bis hin zu Futures Literacy und den Umgang mit Ungewissheit. 

Training: Emergence in Organizations

In this 6-week hybrid training, you will learn what natural "fertilizers" exist to benefit the development of your organization. How do you strengthen self-organization and self-responsibility? What is important in collaboration? How does innovation work and at the same time how is the tried and tested preserved? And: how can what you have learned be put into practice? These are some of the questions we deal with in the training - well-founded but always practice-oriented.



Seminar: Aufbau effektiver 

People are community beings. Communities have enormous potential to support organizations in their development by changing employees' learning and working methods. They promote innovation, catalyse transformation and make organizations noticeably faster and more adaptable - in short, they foster emergence. In this 2-day seminar, we show how we build so-called communities of transformation and what is important when building them.


Impulse Workshop: Inner Development Goals (IDGs)

We are an official partner of the IDGs and are happy to support organizations by introducing the topic. In this 3-hour impulse workshop we give an overview of the Inner Development Goals and their relevance especially in the current context and work out together what this means specifically for your organization and your employees. We identify development opportunities (e.g. through an assessment) and define what the next steps would be.


  IPE meets...

Unsere Kollaborationen

Wir sind laufend auf der Suche nach Menschen, die mit ihrer Arbeit zu uns passen, sie ergänzen oder auch herausfordern. Wir freuen uns, ihr Angebot in unseren Räumen vorzustellen bzw. wir entwickeln mit ihnen etwas Gemeinsames.

Connection & Exchange

Emergence requires networked structures. We never tire of finding ideas, people, initiatives and ideas, presenting them and bringing them together so that supporting communities and networks can emerge and ideas can spread. Connect...


...with ideas: 
Our Resource List

What already exists:
a continuously
growing, diverse and international collection of exciting and inspiring initiatives and ideas dealing with social change, transformation, futures, speculative design, etc.

This way​


...with others:
Our Events

Join one of our events (in German or English),
discover new things,
become inspired and bring in your own experience. Above all:
get connected with like-minded and unlike-minded people.

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...with us: 
Open Door

Are you interested in our work? Would you like to get to know us or simply exchange ideas with us? Please reach out and
come to one or our virtual Open Door Fridays (10:00 - 12:00 am). Simply click here on the link and pick a time.

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Work with us

The IPE as development a partner 

Do you find emergence as the key to innovation and development exciting? Would it help you to know how to get a grip on complexity? Would you like support on how to foster emergence in your organization to enable development? To learn more about Inner Development Goals and how to implement them in your organization? Above all, would you prefer it to be concrete and pragmatic? The Institut für praktische Emergenz is a development partner for topics like Network Building, Participatory Processes, Futures Literacy, Sustainability in Organizations and more.

We are here to support you.

Unser Podcast Faktor Em

Lernen über Emergenz von Praktiker:innen und Expert:innen

Wie kommt das Neue in die Welt? Das wollen wir wissen, und zwar von denjenigen, die täglich mit Veränderungsprozessen zu tun haben, von Praktiker:innen und Expert:innen. Was können sie uns aus ihrer Erfahrung mitgeben? Was sollten wir verstehen zu Themen wie  Risiko und Emergenz? Warum sind Dringlichkeit und Geschwindigkeit nicht der richtige Ansatz, um komplexe Herausforderungen zu lösen?
Welche Rolle spielt Vernetzung für Innovation und Transformation? Und was hat es auf sich mit glücklichen Zufällen? 

Tanja Gronde vom Bayerischen Rundfunk und Rike Pätzold holen sich von ihren Gäst:innen außer spannenden Antworten und Impulsen außerdem Hausaufgaben, um gleich selbst ins Experimentieren zu kommen. Und die Hörer:innen sind herzlich eingeladen, mitzumachen.

The people behind the IPE:

Rike Pätzold, M.A.


Rike Pätzold consults, writes, teaches and is passionate about emergence, participatory future design and how to deal well with uncertainty and complexity. At IPE, she explores new ways to change living systems from the inside out and tests them in her practical work as an organizational development consultant. Rike is a native of Munich, where she now lives again with her patchwork family after sailing around the North Atlantic on a sailboat. Rike studied Sinology, Japanese Studies and Philosophy of Language and lived in Taiwan for several years to deepen her knowledge of Chinese and Daoism.

Vanessa Ludewigs


Vanessa Ludewigs is interested in building networks - bringing people together who can shape new things together. In her work, she is concerned with how systems and organizations can be rethought. She is particularly fascinated by groups and how they work together, and how they can be supported. Vanessa is a trained industrial manager, and has an MBA in change management and many years of experience in traditional management consulting. Change and transformation have always been her hobbyhorses. Together with Kerstin Gollner, she manages EQU:WIN and loves to tackle, implement and lead challenging and complex projects. 

Dr. Kerstin Gollner


Kerstin Gollner's passions are change management, organizational development and transformation processes. She has been working in this field for 30 years, accompanying large and complex changes in companies. As Managing Director of EQU:WIN, she now puts her experience at the service of organizations, cities and communities to initiate the change dynamics that are necessary to cope with the major social challenges of our time. She has been working on the topic of emergence and social dynamics since her studies. Kerstin Gollner holds a PhD in ecological economics. She lives with her family near Munich.

We are looking forward to your message.



The IPE ist official Partner of the  Inner Development Goals and is hosting the IDG Munich Community Hub together with a great core team.
Interested in the IDGs and located in and around Munich? Get connected on Howspace and register for free for our next hub event.

The  Design Futures Initiative gathers designers, strategists, enginieers, scientists, artists and futurists from all over the world. The IPE is official partner of the initiative  and co-hosts the Munich Chapter in collaboration with  Shape of New . Interested in participating? Please do! This is our  Slack.​  

Here we are involved:

NxF | navigate by fiction.

Die Methode für partizipative Zukunftsgestaltung in Städten und Gemeinden sowie in Organisationen bringt Menschen zusammen und richtet sie auf eine gemeinsam erzählte Zukunft hin aus.

Gemeinsam. Zukunft. Machen.

Eine neuartige Form der Bürgerbeteiligung in Kooperation mit engagierten Einwohner*innen einer Gemeinde auf Basis unserer Zukunftsgestaltungsmethode NxF.

Bibliothek der Zukünfte

Stöbern Sie in der ständig wachsenden Bibliothek der Zukünfte, in der wir die durch unsere partizipative Zukunftsgestaltungsmethode NxF entstandenen Zukunftsgeschichten sammeln.

EQU:WIN Consulting

Die Beratung für Transformation behandelt Organisationen als lebendige Organismen und sieht gelingende Beziehungen und Kooperation als Voraussetzungen für Veränderung.