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Our world is becoming increasingly complex and thus more uncertain. Global problems are more urgent than ever before, yet planning and controlling have lost their effectiveness. They are being replaced by emergence, which refers to self-organisation processes that cannot be planned and controlled, but instead can be fostered.

The Institut für Praktische Emergenz enables and connects people so that they can foster conditions for emergence and self-organising processes in organisations and communities. We help leaders to go off-script.

Here we think about what it takes to make this happen now - together with those who deal with transformation on a daily basis.


The Institut für Praktische Emergenz supports collaboration, innovation and self-organising processes. We show leaders how to deal wisely with uncertainty, complexity and risk. 

Why Emergence?

Emergence is when new structures, properties and states evolve from the interaction of a variety of factors - without coordination or organisation: Self-organising processes based on networks. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Grasping the idea of emergence and its implications is essential in a complex and dynamic environment.

"Emergence is the only thing that can handle these kind of complexities. We know this, we know the science on it. You can't control or plan it. You can only foster the conditions for emergence, behave with integrity and hope that others will do the same."

Tyson Yunkaporta (Sand Talk)

Training Programs

The art of fostering conditions for emergence

Be a driver of transformation, fuel innovation within your organisation or your community and enable collaboration. Emergence copes with complexity more effectively than conventional measures of planning and control. In our training programs we show leaders how to foster conditions for emergence so that transformation becomes possible.


Intensive Training Program:
Emergence in Organisations

In this intensive, 12-day face-to-face program (in German), leaders learn everything they need to know and be able to do in order to foster innovation, emergence and agency in your organisation. Self-leadership, a deep understanding of network dynamics as well as the most important basics of emergence and transformation processes are just some of the building blocks of this program. Participants learn how to navigate uncertainty, dance with complexity and go off-script.

Institut für praktische Emergenz

Training Program:
Emergence & Social Dynamics

In this three-day training (German language) you will learn how to work on social dynamics in larger environments, how to lead teams through co-creative and innovative processes, how to enable your employees and how to create strong coherence. For sustainability and climate protection managers as well as for transformation and change facilitators.

Strong Networks

Emergence and self-organising processes are based on networks and relationships. By providing networking opportunities we are connecting people so that strong communities and networks can evolve.


Browse our multi-fold collection of interesting and inspiring initiatives that are passionate about systemic change, speculative design, futures literacy, sustainable technologies, participatory process and much more.

Play Tanks

We have enough think tanks, we need more play tanks! Get connected in one of our facilitated play tanks with people from different sectors to explore, create, collaborate together. Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Take part in one of our regular events (on- and offline) to discover new things, be inspired, get connected and have a good time together. You have an idea for an event? Get in touch, we are curious!

Thraustochytrien bilden Netzwerke


Do you find emergence as the key to innovation, collaboration and self-organization exciting? Would you like to know how to get a grip on complexity? Would you like support on how to foster emergence in your organization to enable transformation? Get in touch!

We are here to support you.

New perspectives and visions for society, politics and economy

To activate the imagination and reveal new, perhaps even surprising perspectives, we present here movies, shows and books that allow a fresh perspective at the world we are living in.

Institut für praktische Emergenz

Associated initiatives

The method for participatory future design for civic participation in cities and communities as well as for organisations brings people together and aligns them toward a shared story about their future.

A new form of citizen participation in cooperation with committed residents of a community based on our future design method NxF.

Browse our ever growing "Bibliothek der Zukünfte" (German language), where we collect those stories that were co-created through our participatory future design method NxF.

Change by Equal Winning. The consultancy for transformation, new work and agile structures treats organizations as living organisms and sees successful relationships and strong coherence as prerequisites for any change.

Rike Pätzold Institutsleitung Institut für praktische Emergenz

Rike Pätzold

Institute Director - Head of Emergence

Rike Pätzold consults, writes, teaches and is passionate about emergence, collaboration, futures literacy and how to deal well with uncertainty and complexity. As part of the Institut für Praktische Emergenz, she explores new ways to change living systems from the inside out. Rike is a Munich native, where she now lives again with her patchwork family after circumnavigating the North Atlantic on a sailboat. Rike holds a Master's degree in Chinese and Japanese Studies and Language Philosophy. She has lived in Taiwan for several years to deepen her knowledge of Mandarin and Daoism.

Kerstin Gollner

Vice institute director - Emergence Catalyst

Kerstin Gollner's passion is change management and transformation processes. She has been working in this field for 30 years, accompanying major and complex changes in companies and institutions. Today, she puts her experience at the service of organizations, cities and communities to initiate the kind of change dynamics that are necessary to cope with the major social challenges of our time. She has been working on the topic of emergence and social dynamics since her time at university. Kerstin Gollner holds a PhD in Ecological Economics.

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